When it Comes to Cleaning Services

You Can Count On OptionsPlus to Clean It Right!

A clean dryer vent reduces:

Drying time, maintenance costs, fire risk, and risk of dryer break down

Trained technicians + specialized tools = clean dryer vents

Our uniformed technicians who perform our dryer vent cleaning use the same powerful vacuum equipment for your clothes dryer vent as they do for a heating/cooling air duct system. Specialized tools clean the entire vent from the dryer to the exterior of your home.

A more efficient dryer

A clean clothes dryer vent helps your dryer operate more efficiently. Clothes dry quicker, and a clean dryer vent may help save on utility bills as well.

Reduced risk of fire

A clogged clothes dryer vent has a large amount of lint spread throughout the vent duct. Lint is an extremely flammable material. A clogged vent will cause a clothes dryer to run hotter and increase the chances of something catching fire. A clean clothes dryer vent substantially reduces the possibility of a fire. Satisfaction Guaranteed

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