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All About Professional Kelowna Cleaning Services

There are a number of professional cleaning services operating in Kelowna these days. A number of them provide general cleaning whereas others specialize in areas likes domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, moving to a new house cleaning and a lot of other services to those in need.

Carpet Rug Cleaning Service

You need to have your carpet rug cleaned, more often than you think, vacuuming your carpet rug twice or thrice in a year is not enough. Professional carpet rug cleaners recommend you to get your carpets cleaned every 6 months. Carpet fibers are not easy to clean and it requires thorough cleaning to remove all […]

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service

Your carpet and upholstery cleaning service is often overlooked as it seems too hectic and a handful job to do but it is equally important to keep the appearance of your interior up to the standards. This is why regular cleaning is highly needed to eradicate any health hazards that develop due to mold growth […]