Carpet Cleaning is Best Left to the Professionals

sears carpet cleaningThe carpet is undoubtedly the unsung warrior of the household. Getting walked on all day every day, filth burying its way deep down where it cannot be reached. Every now and again we will run the vacuum quickly over the surface, or remove a stain but give it no consistent tender loving care. Your carpet deserves a deep thorough clean from time to time by a professional. Would you try to figure out something as important as your mortgage yourself? No. You would hire a mortgage professional. Carpet cleaning is no different. There are plenty of do it yourself options readily available, but leaving the job to a professional will be appreciated by your unsung hero.

The Rental is Not Yours. It Does Not Get the Care it Needs.

Do you know how to maintain a carpet cleaning machine properly? The people you rent them off do not either. This machinery is expensive and when used daily by non-professionals the maintenance received is not optimal, leaving the machines to do the ‘best it can’. The professionals rely on their equipment for their livelihood so you can be sure the expensive equipment is in great working order every time.

One Size Fits All Does Not Work.

Carpets quality differs a lot; the do it yourself option does not cater for this with a one size fits all approach. The professionals really understand the different characteristics of carpet and its needs, leading to a caring clean that is best for each unique carpet.

Your Short Term Fix is Just a Mask.

Let’s be honest, we always happen to spill wine on the carpet – when it’s red. There are lots of spot cleaning methods that will appear to get rid of the stain when we act right away, but the truth is, they are short term fixes that discolour the carpet and merely mask the smell. For the professionals, these are a cakewalk. Their techniques cut to the core issue and remove the stain completely leaving no trace.

Following Instructions is Hard.

When you read the instructions on carpet cleaners, they seem very straight forward; however it is inevitable that things will not go smoothly. A common mistake with rentals is water saturation. Sometimes not visible to the human eye, if not followed up, mould and mildew form leaving the carpet in worse condition. The professionals ensure that the carpet is completely dry and their techniques do this in a time frame shorter than yours.

Carpet Cleanliness Affects Your Health.

With so many foreign materials getting planted within the carpet, the dust builds up fast. This along with the resulting bacteria then affects the air we breathe. You may not notice this day to day, but it truly affects your health when you breathe in polluted air every day. If you are going to do a thorough job, let someone who knows what they are doing complete it, a proper clean will ensure you are breathing the cleanest air possible.
Carpets put up with a lot of use. We all love to get our hands dirty and solve it the DIY way but cleaning carpets is something not to skimp on. It is not a fun job and can easily go wrong with worn down equipment. Spending the extra money on a professional is a great investment, the long term savings from lower health costs and the longer life of your carpet makes a professional hire a snap decision.

Selling Your Home? Clean Carpets Will Surely Impress.

Sears Carpet CleaningMost home sellers tend to not think about cleaning their carpets before they show their home to potential buyers. With a plethora of things to prepare before selling their home, who can blame them? However, real estate agent Angela Evennett, says that today’s home buyers are more concerned than ever about the longevity of the carpets and flooring in the homes they’re considering.  She says, “Doing a few extra small things when preparing your home for sale, such as a professional carpet cleaning or a landscaping touch up, will give you a step up over other home sellers. Today’s home buyers will notice the difference!”