Area Carpet Cleaning Service

Is your reliable and old carpet cleaner very far from your area? Are you looking for a trustworthy area carpet cleaning service in your area? Have you experienced unsatisfactory or poor results from your previous cleaner? Did your carpet got worn out or was stains and dust still embedded in the carpet?

Anyways, having all the cleaning services in your neighborhood makes life easy and comfortable. You don’t have to travel long miles just to reach for a mere cleaning. If you are looking for a best cleaning service in your area then you must pay a visit to OptionsPlus Area Carpet Cleaning Service. Not only we provide you with carpet cleaning but also of upholstery, area rug, tiles and rout, dryer vent and floor refinishing; All solutions at one place, with service beyond your expectations.

We are not new to this business. Our legacy continues since 1994 under SEARS brand until 2013 when the division was sold out to SHS Services Management. The change in hand did not compromise on our service and we continued to grow and create loyal clients with trustworthy services.

We believe that any area carpet cleaning service should not only provide clean and tidy service but also look forward to keep a healthy family. Rugs, carpets and upholstery usually have grease, dirt, germs and stains embedded, which not only makes it look dirty, but also is carried away by shoes and clothes that come in contact. These germs cause increase in bacteria and allergens which causes reactions and rashes, thus it infects other people especially children and infants who play around with their toys.

Our professionally trained staff at the area carpet cleaning service inspects the area and follows it with special cleaning process to remove dirt and keep the fibers intact. After the process is completed, the staff post examines the carpet for any leftover dirt. This is because if any dirt is left over, it may settle down and attract more dirt towards it; the pH balancing step of cleaning ensures that no dirt settles down.

When we are called for commercial carpet cleaning, our area carpet cleaning service is well equipped with the technology for cleaning. The professional technicians’ uses truck mounted equipment for extra power and quick cleaning and drying process. If your traffic is high, we keep more focus on that area to ensure that quality service is provided to the client. Moreover, we have our maintenance programs whereby we have long term contract with client for catering to special needs and requirements and we tailor our services accordingly for them. These clients are given exciting rates and have year round accounts which are settled monthly or based on the deal.

Be it a restoration cleaning or a maintenance cleaning, we meet our client’s requirement and our target is to make them 100% satisfied before we step out. At Area Carpet cleaning service, our aim is to maintain our standards, services and clients for long run. This is the reason we don’t advertise, our service speaks it all for itself.